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ARB Air Locker Replacement Parts

At some point you are going to break or lose some thing on that truck...ARB Air Locker replacement part are sure to be needed on any 4x4 out fitted with an ARB Air Locker. We have ARB rocker switches, switch covers, air line, solenoids, pressure switches, line splicers, etc.

4x4 Connection carries a full line of ARB Air Locker parts, if there is something you need that is not listed here give us a call at 1.888.805.0810.


Click to enlargeARB Rocker Switch w/out Cover
Click to enlargeARB Rocker Switch Cover
Click to enlargeARB 5mm Nylon Air Line
  • Approximately 20' long.

  • ARB170301$12.28
    Click to enlargeARB 5mm Air Line Splicer
    Click to enlargeARB Bulkhead Fitting Kit
  • Designed to go from 5mm nylon air line to 3/16" copper line to seal housing in differential.

  • ARB170102$23.06
    Click to enlargeARB Air Compressor Solenoid
    Click to enlargeARB Push-In Air Line Fitting
  • Threads into the ARB Solenoid.

  • ARB170201$6.67
    Click to enlargeARB Air Compressor Pressure Switch
  • Threads into the ARB Air Compressor to regulate internal pressure in the compressor tank. Kicks on at 70 psi and kicks off at 100 psi.

  • ARBC-035$39.02
    Click to enlargeARB 40 amp 12 volt relayThis relay is designed to be used with the ARB Air Locker wiring harness. It's also used in a few of the IPF wiring harnesses.

    Click to enlargeARB Solenoid NippleConnects ARB Air Locker solenoid to ARB Air Compressor

    Click to enlargeARB Air Line Service KitThis kit is perfect for your glove box. Full of good parts that typically get mangled when you're running Air Lockers.

    Click to enlargeARB O-Ring Bulkhead Fitting KitMost new Air Lockers utilize the 3.5mm copper line instead of the older 3/16" or 1/8". If you have a newer Air Locker with a 3.5mm copper line this is the bulkhead kit for you.

    Click to enlargeARB Bulkhead Junction Support SpringThis is the support spring that goes over the entire bulkhead fitting at your differential. We offer these as an inexpensive alternative to purchasing an entire bulkhead kit just to fix your mangled spring.

    Click to enlargeIPOR-FirewallFittingHave you ever wanted to mount your ARB compressor inside the vehicle or in a protected compartment & run an ARB airline through the firewall, floor or other steel panel? Worried about a grommet wearing through and the line getting chafed or worn through and causing a leak? Iron Pig & 4x4 Connection now have the ARB splice kits in stock along with the hard to find jam nuts necessary to make the perfect through fitting in your panel! Now you can install your compressor in a protected area and never have to worry about a cut line from the metal it has to pass through to get to the chassis & axles. Kit includes 1 ARB splice fitting and 2 jam nuts. Installation is easy; just drill a hole & install, press in your air lines and you're done


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