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Are you traveling as safely as you could be? Having a reliable air source in your car is one way to ensure a safe ride. Portable air compressors can be utilized in many situations—from wheeling to your daily driving routine. Electric air compressors offer a means to repair your car on the spot; so you can avoid the danger of being stranded. Electric air compressors can be used to:
  • Inflate a deflated tire
  • Power air tools for trail repairs
  • Inflate air mattresses, rafts, toys, balls
  • And more!
These electric air compressors take portable air compressors to the next level with 12 volt DC operation and high flow air filter. They are also available in a portable kit, which includes jumper cables, tire pressure gauge and various air compressor accessories. Got questions? Feel free to call us toll free at: 1-888-805-0810.

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Portable air compressor technology now makes affordable, reliable, and rugged compressors available for the 4x4 off road fanatic. ARB makes a string and reliable 12 volt portable compressor designed for use with ARB air lockers or tire inflation. Warn and Extreme Outback make high volume compressors for even the most demanding applications. Whatever your needs, we can supply top performing air systems for your vehicle!

ExtremeAire Compressors
ExtremeAire Compressors

Check out the New ExtremeAire Magnum and Impulse Compressor!

ARB Compressors
ARB Compressors

Tire Pressure Gauges
Tire Pressure Gauges

Air Compressor Accessories
Air Compressor Accessories

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